Best exercises for a full-body workout

Add more full-body exercises to your workout routine to improve your health.

The full-body workouts are different from typical cardio or weight training because they include the entire body.

The afterburn effect they produce in the body helps to burn more fat and calories.

The majority of full-body workouts combine two exercises or add extra movements and weights to make it more dynamic. They require more coordination because of this.

Best exercises for a full-body workout


To do a pushup:

Place your palms under your shoulders with arms extended.

Stretch the legs out, balancing on the ball of your feet. The body will be in a straight line.

Lower your body so that you are about to touch the ground with the chest or the nose.

Reverse the direction of your push.

Repeat this set 10 times, or as many as you can before getting tired. After a short break, repeat this set.

Start by lying on your knees and extending the legs instead. As you progress, gradually increase the number of pushups.


From a standing position, lower yourself into a squatting posture, and then raise your legs.

Repeat the set as many times as you can, take a short break and then repeat it again.


Burpees are a great full-body workout because they combine the benefits from a pushup with a squat.

To do a burpee:

Drop down from a standing position into a squat.

Instead of jumping up again, get into the plank position.

Pushups are done, then return to standing.

Repeat the exercise as many times you can, take a short break and then repeat it again.

Try jumping from the squat to the standing position. Remove the pushups to make it easier.

Running and cycling

Strengthening skeletal muscles can be achieved by cycling.

Running and cycling are both excellent aerobic exercises.

These exercises can also help increase the strength of a person’s muscles.

A study published in the International Journal of Exercise Science suggests that high-intensity interval training can be added to aerobic exercises to make them more effective for building muscle strength.

It involves running, cycling or doing anaerobic exercise at high intensity.

Stair climbing

The stair climb is an excellent exercise that can be used to strengthen muscles and increase aerobic activity.

Ascend to the top and then descend. Repeat for one minute or as long as you can. Repeat after a short break.

Climbing stairs, one step at a a time will maximize your energy burn.

Weighted walking lunges

This exercise will give you a full lower body workout by adding weights to your walking lunges.

Select dumbbells that are comfortable for you to use to do a low-lunge. But don’t go too heavy. You don’t want to get injured by the weight.

You can also do this workout in two different ways. You can lunge either with your body upright and your spine straight to target your quads and thighs, or in a forward-leaning posture to work your glutes.

Ball Slams

The ball slam is a great way to strengthen your shoulders and back, as well as your core and legs. It is important to ensure that you are on a stable surface or ground as you will be slamming the ball with your full force.

Weighted medicine balls are essential gym equipment.

How to:

Start by using a medicine ball between 10 to 20 pounds in weight.

Lift the ball up and above your head with your feet at shoulder width apart.

In this position, throw or slam the ball toward the floor directly in front of your face while simultaneously moving to a squatting position.

Return to your starting position by picking up the ball.

Repeat this movement for 30-60 seconds.

Dip and Flip

Dip and flips are a great way to work your triceps & biceps. They also engage your entire core and ab muscles and raise your heart rate.

How to:

Begin by lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your hands near your hips.

Your butt should not touch the ground. Keep your legs and knees slightly apart, with your toes elevated.

You can do a tricep dip if you bend your arms away from your body so that your elbows are pointing outward. Then, lower your upper back slowly to the floor.

To extend the back to bridge position, drive through your hands.

Then, in a high-plank position, completely turn your body over and perform one push-up. This is one rep.

Barbell Bench Press

This workout will be dominated by the barbell bench presses. This exercise will be the main contributor to your chest’s size and thickness over time.

The flat angle of the bench will emphasize your sternal part or middle portion of your chest, while also developing your shoulders, triceps, and other muscles.

Barbell Back Squat

It is important to maximize your recovery and performance by varying the intensity of each exercise.

It has been shown repeatedly in numerous papers that the barbell back squat activates quadriceps very strongly. It will also involve the glutes, and other lower body muscle groups.


The next upper body and back exercise is going to be pull-ups

Lats will be the main muscle used. As shown above, other muscles and shoulder stabilizers will also be used.

Standing Overhead Press

Standing barbell overhead presses will be the last major compound exercise in this workout. The shoulder exercise is crucial for upper body strength and development. The serratus anterior, anterior deltoids and triceps are the most important muscles involved in this exercise.

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