Bhagyashree is confused about which pizza to eat and we can relate

How many pizzas is too much pizza? We can never get over this popular Italian dish. If you are also a fan of pizza, you will be amazed by Bhagyashree’s latest Instagram stories. Although the actress believes in eating healthy, she finds time for lip-smacking food, especially when she’s on vacation. Bhagyashree, who now lives in New Jersey, shot a video from a pizza joint that serves a variety of thin crust pizzas. Large pizzas are topped with a variety of toppings including meat, mushrooms, broccoli, jalapeños, some greens, black olives, and other vegetables. We also spotted the famous pepperoni pizza. Many cheese-filled pizzas look very appealing. Bhagyashree asked the fans “Which one?” added the question.

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Are you starting to think about eating pizza now? Do not worry. We help you enjoy delicious pizza at home. Choose from a list of five delicious recipes below:

5 pizza recipes that you can make at home:

1) Pepperoni pizza

This classic pizza recipe never gets boring. Whether you bake it or grill it, pepperoni will always surprise you with its unique flavor. A bite into this spicy pepperoni pizza is all you need to feel happy. Find the recipe here.

2) Margherita pizza

This is one of the most popular pizza options among food lovers. With a pizza base, a delicious tomato sauce, white mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, it’s easy to make at home. The recipe is here.

3) Wholesome pizza

You can even give your pizza a healthy twist with popular desi ingredients. Paneer is one such case. Replace the usual all-purpose flour base with a wheat flour base and top it off with a special pizza sauce, paneer, onions, tomatoes, capsicums, mushrooms and olives. Click here for the recipe.

4) Chicken pizza

Imagine biting into a delicious pizza topped with chicken. Yes, this dish is worth a try, especially if you love chicken. Use this option if you are having a movie night or parties at home. The recipe is here.

5) Greek style pizza

We have something for vegetarians. Now that plant-based foods are becoming more popular, it’s good to discuss alternatives. This easy and delicious vegetarian pizza is a no-brainer. Find the recipe here.

We hope you have a great weekend with these pizza recipes in hand. Enjoy!

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