FSSAI has asked states to deploy mobile testing vans to check milk adulteration

Holi 2023 is just around the corner. One of the major festivals in the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated with great pomp throughout the country, especially in the Northern Belt. During this festival, there is a tradition of putting colors and gulaal on each other and also consuming special Holi foods. Thandai is one of the refreshing drinks usually prepared on Holi. Since it uses milk as an ingredient, it is important to control the adulteration of milk during the festive season. In this regard, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has asked states and Union Territories to deploy mobile testing vans to check the quality of milk.

According to a statement issued on March 4, FSSAI has asked states and UTs to monitor the quality of milk and milk products in view of the high Holi demand. Food Safety on Wheels (FSW) are known as mobile food testing vans, of which around 168 are currently available to officers. FSSAI has asked the Food Safety Commissioner of all states and UTs to conduct at least 10 tests of milk and milk products every day.

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Consumers are also encouraged to have their milk and milk products tested by their nearest FSW. On-site food testing may be conducted for a variety of food products, including milk and milk products. “Tests for fat, solid-fat, protein, added water, urea, sucrose, maltodexter and ammonium sulfate can be done using the Milk-o-Screen system installed at FSW,” FSSAI said. The test is now being conducted free of charge as it is believed to help strengthen vigilance against milk adulteration and ensure that products on the market are safe and clean.

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