Jamie Lee Curtis Goes Viral With Michelle Yeoh at the SAG Awards I’m Shocked

Jamie Lee Curtis has opened up about her viral SAG Awards moment with sweetheart Michelle Yeoh. Everything at the same time, everywhere after a big win.

Curtis, 64, took home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. Everything at the same time, everywhere at the 29th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards last Sunday.

Before going on stage, Curtis hugged his colleague and kissed him on the cheek.

Speaking to ET’s Will Marfuji at the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, Curtis said she had “no idea” she kissed Yen.

“I didn’t know I kissed Michelle until they showed me,” Curtis said. “I’m telling you, the word was shocking — people, you think we’re all going to win. I’m not like that. I’m not going to wake up and go, ‘Mhm. . .gonna win.’ I don’t think about it, I try not to think about it for a second because it’s not about that for me. This is about the actual work that I do, and the rest is the fiction part. “

He continued: “The funny thing is, because the fictional part is work, that part is fictional for me. So, when it happened, I was shocked and I don’t remember what happened.”

When asked what she said to Yoh after the kiss, Curtis simply replied, “I love him. We love each other.”

Everything at the same time, everywhere It also won the Film Independent Spirit Awards and took home seven major awards, including Best Picture.

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