Model Gigi Hadid admits she is a ‘Nepo baby’

Model Gigi Hadid admits she is a ‘Nepo baby’

Model and entrepreneur Gigi Hadid recently admitted that she is a “Nepo Bay”. Nepotism baby (nepo baby) refers to the children of celebrities who have had successful careers due to the influence of their families.

The term became popular in 2022 after internet user Meriem Derrajee tweeted about the daughter of actors Apatow, director Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. Euphoria. The term has negative connotations.

talk to The Sunday Times Hadid said she knows she comes from privilege. “Technically, I’m a child of nepotism,” said the model.

“My parents came from a small, [but] I’ve always admitted that I came from an advantage… My parents said that just because your parents are successful, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go into work as good and hardworking as you are. you can be.”

Now Hadid is the host Next in fashion (NIF) near A complex eye‘s Tan France, previously hosted by France and fellow designer Alexa Chung. It follows designers from around the world as they compete to win $250,000 and the chance to launch a collection at luxury fashion store Net-a-Porter. In 2022, Hadid launched her first personal clothing line, Guest in residence.

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