Modi: Chinese products to lose market share as Atmanibhar Bharat takes center stage this Holi India News

NEW DELHI: As the festival of colors approaches, markets are awash with Holi colours, sprinkles and other decorative items like every year – this time with Atmanibhar Bharat’s touch.
Whenever customers shop this Holi, they are ditching Chinese products and opting for local ‘Made in India’ products. ANI visited Delhi’s famous Sadar Bazar and found that most of the vendors were offering made-in-India colors, pickaris and gulals and other items.
“In general, the public is more responsive to Indian products. Consumers buy more local products, while Chinese products are less attractive among buyers,” said Javed, a vendor at Sadar Bazaar who sells such items. He also named several local manufacturers who deal in Holi products and are in high demand.
The ‘Make in India’ initiative is moving forward. People come to our stores and ask us to display only local products,” added Javed.
Earlier, Chinese products were the only option for consumers, which has changed for the better thanks to several local manufacturers in this segment. “I demanded Indian products… Chinese products are decreasing and Indian products are taking their place,” says customer Ravi.
Another customer, Rajiv, who came to Sadar Bazar to buy Holi products for his children, said that the local industry was providing employment to people.
“I came to buy ‘pickari’ for my children and felt good that all the items displayed in the markets are made in India. Chinese products are nowhere to be seen,” Rajiv added. The quality of Chinese products appeared to be a major concern for consumers and merchants.
“Indian products are of better quality, while Chinese products are usually disposable,” said Rajiv.
Echoing the same concern, Rohini Gupta, a resident of Ghaziabad who came to Sadar Bazaar to buy Holi colours, told ANI that all she bought were Indian products only.
Needless to say, demand for Holi products has recovered more than fully after a low key holiday driven by the pandemic.
“The demand for pickaris has been high. We only sell Indian products. Demand for Chinese products in the Indian market has decreased due to increasing complaints from retailers as they cannot be returned in case of defects,” said Mohammad Babar, another seller.

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