Palace ‘will not bend over backwards’ to host Harry and Meghan at Charles’ coronation

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been invited to King Charles’ coronation as a commitment and that the couple will not be waiting at the Palace.

A spokesman for the royal couple in California said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had “recently received emails from Her Majesty’s Office relating to the coronation”.

However, the statement added that “we will not be making any immediate decisions about whether the Duke and Duchess will be involved at this time.”

But royal expert Gertrude Daly said Daily Star The palace is “not bending over backwards” to host the Californian couple at Westminster Abbey on May 6.

“The palace has an obligation to invite the couple, as do other members of the royal family who do not work for the royal family,” Daly told the publication.

“But they may be invited, but I don’t expect the palace to be overbooked,” he added.

“The Sussexes have a place at the Coronation. If they want to attend, that’s their choice. But the royal family will not bend over backwards to get the Sussexes there.

“They have accepted that the Sussexes have gone and are doing their own thing. And the monarchy continues without them,” Daly said.

As for his opinion on whether Harry and Meghan will come to the UK for the coronation, the expert said: “I think the Sussexes may not attend the Coronation.”

“In the UK and in the royal family, that doesn’t change until the coronation. There are still issues.”

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