Prince Harry is a ‘lucky man’ to have emerged unscathed from ‘Russian brain roulette’.

Prince Harry has called for an end to drug use after years of ‘playing Russian roulette with his brain’.

These confessions were made by the famous psychiatrist Dr. Max Pemberton.

Dr. Max shared his perceptions Daily mail Read “He’s playing Russian Roulette with his brain, and if he gets away with it, he’s a lucky man.”

“Harry is an example of what medical researchers call ‘N = 1.’ This is a fancy way of saying that his experiences are entirely anecdotal: the number (or ‘N’) of people involved in his non-scientific study is one person, namely himself.

“This is not the most important, but the most potentially misleading type of evidence. This is at odds with my experience as an NHS psychiatrist.”

“How many times has Harry had to join police, nurses and social workers to arrest a psychotic cannabis user under the Mental Health Act like me a few days ago? This person had to be separated urgently for his own safety and for the safety of his neighbors who were afraid of him.”

“Of course, not everyone who smokes doping becomes psychotic. But it’s a serious known risk, which Harry didn’t mention when he spoke to “traumatologist” Gabor Mat at the weekend, where tickets to the live stream cost £19.

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