Steven Spielberg touts ‘interesting’ UFO theory

Steven Spielberg touts ‘interesting’ UFO theory

Steven Spielberg has an interesting take on the recent surge in UFO sightings.

during the interview The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Academy Award-winning director has his own theory about the regular UFO sightings of future humans visiting us.

“My most optimistic feeling about what we see in the sky, what the Army and the Navy and the Air Force are capturing on the cannon cameras, is what if they are not from an advanced civilization 300 million light years away from here,” he said.

“What if we go back 500,000 years in the future to the second half of the 20th century and the 21st century, because they’re anthropologists?”

They know something we don’t yet know, and they’re trying to control the last hundred years of our history.”

Moreover, ET Director: “I’ve never seen a UFO,” said Spielberg. “I wish I had!” I’ve never seen anything I couldn’t explain. But I believe in some people who see things that I can’t explain. I think what’s been happening lately is interesting, very interesting.

I think the secrecy and the lack of transparency that surrounds all of these scenes…I think there’s something going on that needs special scrutiny.”

“I don’t believe we are alone in the universe. Spielberg continued. I think it is mathematically impossible that we are the only intelligent species in the universe. I don’t think it’s possible at all.

Besides, it doesn’t seem possible for someone to come from 400 million light years away from here – barring the movies, of course – unless he found some way to jump the shark and get through wormholes. ยป

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