The actor of “The Flash” finished filming and said goodbye in tears

The actor of “The Flash” finished filming and said goodbye in tears

Flash Star Candice Patton is saying goodbye for the last time Arrowverse Filming for her role as Iris West-Allen has been completed.

The actor took to Instagram Stories to share his feelings, saying, “I’m about to shoot the last shot of The Flash, no question..”

Later in the video, a teary-eyed patron said, “Tender **rn.” “Unable to fully edit. Just… thanks.”

It was to “send them off in a way that fans will be happy with,” as the actor teased that The Flash’s final season would be “very Barry and Iris-heavy.”

They have a legacy to live up to, so hopefully we can get there. I can’t wait to see [what happens]as well as”.

Earlier, showrunner Eric Wallace said: “This is the final season premiere. We all know Stephen Amell is coming back to the show and this is the last time we’ll be working with Stephen as Arrow.

There are some very special things [in the series finale]you’ll see a lot of familiar faces from the past popping up here and there, and it all ties into what Barry has been struggling with since season one.

I can’t say more than that. Let’s just say the events of season one are still unresolved and Barry won’t figure it out until this year. Resolving these issues will provide an emotional climax to our series finale at the end of season nine.”

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