Victoria Beckham was shocked to hear about Nicola Peltz’s father’s lawsuit against the planners.

Victoria Beckham was shocked to hear about Nicola Peltz’s father’s lawsuit against the planners.

Victoria Beckham and her husband David Beckham are shocked after learning that Nicola Peltz’s father, Nelson Peltz, has filed a lawsuit against the wedding planners.

A celebrity British couple say the lawsuits and counterclaims by wedding planners have only caused “embarrassment”. Transformers star and their son Brooklyn Beckham, a source said Closer magazine.

Nicola and her mother, Claudia Peltz, kept the fashion designer out of all the trouble with wedding planners Nicole Bragin and Arianna Grijalba.

“Vick is in disbelief, saying he knows nothing about the behind-the-scenes chaos at the couple’s wedding or Nelson’s court case – he thinks his friends don’t need it and it’s embarrassing him and David. Nicola, Brooklyn and the Peltz family,” an insider told the publication.

Nelson sued Nicole and Arianna for their $159,000 deposit, saying they missed out on their “world famous actress” daughter, but his lawsuit backfired when the planners filed an explosive counterclaim.

The planners revealed screenshots of a conversation with Nicola and Brooklyn, in which the flowers were “not white enough” and the bride spent £85,000 on hair and make-up, and asked the planners not to tell Nelson about it because he asked her not to. “kill him and be very angry.”

Now, an insider has revealed that Victoria and David were shocked to learn of the lawsuit and humiliated by the allegations made by the wedding planners.

“Brooklyn’s meltdown has taken a toll on her and David, and they’re upset that Nelson is causing unnecessary drama for the couple,” the source said.

“Vic is comforting Brooklyn, who is obviously upset about everything, but also trying to understand what happened and why she wasn’t informed about what was going on with David and her behind the scenes,” the insider added.

“It’s left a bitter taste and they feel very uncomfortable about it – especially when in their eyes Nelson doesn’t need the money. They think he created this storm unnecessarily.”

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