Amy Robach and TJ Holmes watch the “Rachel Ray” time slot

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes watch the “Rachel Ray” time slot

GMA3 Evicted stars Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are looking for Rachel Ray slot of the show following their retirement announcement, making their television comeback.

“The first of the dominoes has fallen,” an insider spilled the beans Radar Online. “Amy and TJ will no doubt be talking to the distributors behind Rachael Ray and pitching themselves. They see this as their first chance to get back on TV screens, not ABC.”

What’s more, Robach and Holmes are gearing up to make a big comeback on television after their scandalous affair ABC Exit.

Lovebird “isn’t done with TV and I’m sure another network or cable channel will see the value in their undeniable chemistry” and “some of the best TV double acts have ever been lovers!” the source said.

But their comeback might be delayed as their teams advise the couple to shoot at the right time to show their real-life love affair.

“They are being urged by executives to wait for the next round of syndicated TV slots to offer buyers a new format that will compete with their old slots on ABC,” the insider said.

However, the move has raised some eyebrows given their history at ABC, but a highly placed source is confident they will be back.

“Can they pull it off?” Stranger things have happened.” they laughed. “Daytime TV is a different game these days, and TJ and Amy have what it takes. They are not too afraid of conflict.”

Robach and Holmes’ relationship hit rock bottom when the Daily Mail outed the couple by publishing cozy pictures of the pair.

The romantic scandal became a PR disaster for ABC, which responded by launching an internal investigation into the matter.

In the end, GMA3 The stars negotiated a deal with the network and sent their spots in exchange for better deals.

“After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and TJ Holmes about various options, we all agreed that it would be best for them to move on from ABC News,” the network said. “We recognize their talent and dedication over the years and thank them for their contributions.”

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