Brendan Fraser stands by ‘Keith’ as ​​he faces criticism

WhaleBrendan Fraser has defended Darren Aronofsky’s film after criticism.

Shortly after release Whale has become a subject of contentious debate to perpetuate stereotypes about obesity.

“I respect those who disagree with the intent of this film,” Fraser said LA Times.

“I don’t agree with them because I know he doesn’t mean anything bad. I know he wants to know if I did any harm — to me, to Brendan. But I responded. [Obesity Action Coalition] “Keep doing what you’re doing,” he said. We made the movie we wanted to make and we made it right. And I support that.”

Whale Charlie is a 600-pound English teacher who wants to mend his relationship with his daughter Ellie, played by Sadie Sink.

“Putting an actor in a suit and apparatus to mimic a character’s weight gain has cut corners on originality over the years,” he said.

“Usually it’s an outline of a suit worn by a very athletic actor, and it’s meant to be a cheap joke or insult to the character.”

Frazier insisted that he approached his role Whale “with skill, care and preparation.”

“It’s clear to me that the way we talk about obesity needs to change because it’s the ultimate area of ​​perceived bigotry and prejudice,” she said. “Having done so much and achieved so much in so many areas of our culture, it’s time to retire, and I think hopefully that’s the last thing we can tick off the box.”

Whale Released in the US on December 9, 2022 and is in theaters now.

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