Fatal aviation accidents down, reducing risk of death: IATA safety report | Aviation news

A safety report published by IATA (International Air Transport Association) shows that the number of fatal accidents has decreased compared to 2021. Thus, the death rate has decreased. This is a decrease compared to the five-year average recorded between 2018 and 2022. IATA represents nearly 300 airlines that account for 83 percent of global air traffic. In 2022, there were five fatal accidents that claimed the lives of passengers and crew. That’s down from seven in 2021 and an improvement on the five-year average (2018-2022), which was also seven. The fatal accident rate improved to 0.16 per million sectors in 2022, up from 0.27 per million sectors in 2021, as well as a five-year fatality rate of 0.20.

The accident rate was 1.21 per million sectors, down from 1.26 accidents per million sectors in 2018-2022, but up from 1.13 accidents per million sectors in 2021. The risk of death decreased from 0.23 to 0.11 in 2021 and 0.13 in 2013. -2022. IATA member airlines have had one fatal accident in 2022 with 19 fatalities.

“Aviation accidents are rare. In 2022, there were five fatal accidents out of 32.2 million flights. This shows that flying is one of the safest things a person can do. But even though the risk of flying is very low, it is not. No risk. Very high safety careful analysis of emerging trends at the level of – makes flying even safer. For example, this year’s report tells us that we need to make special efforts on turboprop installations. in Africa and Latin America. Safety is the highest priority of aviation and our goal is to make every flight region or type of aircraft ensure safe take-off and landing regardless,” said IATA Director General Willie Walsh.

The industry’s 2022 fatality risk of 0.11 means that the average person would need to fly every day for 25,214 years to experience a 100 percent fatal crash. This is an improvement over the five-year mortality rate (average of 22,116 years).

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Despite the decrease in the number of fatal accidents, the number of fatalities increased from 121 in 2021 to 158 in 2022. Most of the fatalities in 2022 were in a single plane crash in China that killed 132 people. The participating airline is not a member of IATA, but is on the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) register. The next largest fatality occurred in an IATA member accident in Tanzania that killed 19 people.

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