Food that nourishes the soul, says Malaika Arora as she eats a South Indian meal

Delicious South Indian food. Don’t you agree? The dishes are full of different flavors and are usually easy on the stomach. In general, the cuisine includes a variety of dishes consisting of rice, lentils, vegetables and traditional spices, combined with tamarind and sometimes even coconut for that much-needed crunch and flavor boost. Even celebrities like Anushka Sharma have a soft spot for South Indian food. Do you share the same like? We don’t know about you, but Malaika Arora is another big fan of South Indian food. His various posts on social media are a testimony to this statement. True to her love for food, Malaika recently tried South Indian food.
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Malaika took to Instagram Stories to share her heartbreaking moment to keep her Instafam updated. What’s in it? One bowl Thayer Sadam, which is like curd rice perfectly seasoned with mustard seeds. He offered curd rice on a plate. Malaika paired it with heavenly sambar with lentils, spices, carrots, curry leaves and red chillies. What else is there? For a crunchy twist, we can see waffles (chips) and chunks murukku. To enhance the taste of the dish, Malaika picked a mouth-watering sauce from the jar next to her plate. The actress said, “Soul-boosting foods.” Here is the photo he posted:

Photo credit: Instagram/ malaikaaroraofficial

This is not the only food update we got from Malaika Arora. If you follow him, you know that his mother, Joyce Arora, is an amazing cook. Malaika re-shared her Instagram Stories with a plate full of lamb chops. There is also a rich soup. Caption: “Mutton is cooked at its best. Courtesy: Joyce Arora and Anu.” See the image below:


Photo credit: Instagram/ malaikaaroraofficial

Once, earlier, we saw him playing the classics Inji Puli. For those who don’t know, it’s a popular, traditional dish from Kerala, served as a pickle with rice flour. Inji money Onam is an integral part of Sadhya. Malaika shared a picture of her ruthless drinking that made us hungry. His plate featured the star dish and a generous side of lemon pickles. There were also a couple of chutney jars. “Inji Puli and lemon dressing for the win,” Malaika wrote.
Remember Malaika Arora’s traditional Onam special? He enjoyed that day curry chips, Chana Sandal, sambarKerala style aloo sabzi, Inji Puli, Pope and chili. Wishing her fans, Malaika added, “Happy Onam.”
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Which South Indian dish have you enjoyed recently? Are you planning to cook any of the above? Let us know in the comments

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