“Good news” for Pakistani women on Women’s Day.

Two women are posing for the camera while sitting on a bicycle. — delivered

on the occasion of the holiday International Women’s DayCareem — a ride-hailing service based in Pakistan — has announced plans to launch a new female-driven motorcycle service that caters exclusively to female customers.

The company announced that the service will start in Karachi and roll out to other cities in Pakistan, inviting women interested in working as female captains and accessing flexible income opportunities to register.

According to details shared by Careem, the service includes two models – part-time (five hours) and full-time (10 hours) – for which the company guarantees a monthly payment of Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively.

Additionally, the ride-hailing firm offers female motorcycle captains “0% commission, bonuses and guarantees, as well as priority access to Careem’s safety and security hotline.”

Women interested in the service can visit the DHA or Gulshan Careem Opportunity Center or the Careem Captain Facebook page.

Once upon a time women are fighting for their rights and equality in the workplace, with more than 1,700 female captains driving Careem customers across multiple modes of transportation on the platform.

The Daily Super App for the Greater Middle East region makes it more efficient for all female captains of all types of vehicles to work on the platform by offering special bonuses.

Careem’s new women-led motorcycle service will give women in Pakistan access to “flexible income-generating options” and financial stability as captains.

Commenting on the new service, Imran Saleem, General Manager, Careem Pakistan said, “Women are an integral part of our society and constitute a large number of our total customer base.

“Careem’s women-driven motorcycle service helps break down barriers for our female customers by providing access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation. This affordable vehicle is especially necessary in tough economic times that have made it difficult for families to run a household on one income. “

It is celebrated as March 8 every year International Women’s Day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world.

The day also aims to call for action to accelerate gender equality and set agendas and targets to achieve these goals. In order to achieve this goal, events, talks, and explanatory work are organized.

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