Haechan, a member of K-pop group NCT, has been invaded by raving fans

The company threatened to take action against these fans

K-pop group NCT’s agency issues a warning after fans break into member Haechan’s home. They talked about how the behavior of certain fans can negatively affect members’ lives:

“Members have suffered greatly because of the continuation [actions such as] Unauthorized visits to and care of NSC members in places related to their daily lives, tracking their vehicles, excessively contacting or photographing members in the security area of ​​the airport, including on board aircraft, illegally obtaining personal information and attempting to contact them neutrally, and spreading harmful rumors.” .

They then cited the incident that broke into Haechan’s house last year: “In particular, at the end of November last year, Haechan’s residence was invaded by a person known as a ‘sasaeng’ (referring to those occupying the area). personal lives of celebrities). Because Haechan lived with his family, not only Haechan but also his family suffered significant psychological damage, he complained.

Violation of “sasaeng” was accused by the prosecution but [the case] At Haechan’s request, criminal impunity was generously closed, which revealed the seriousness of the problem of invasion of the privacy of artists, and we decided to open this case by issuing a warning so that such a problem does not happen again. .”

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