Live Updates: Americans kidnapped in Mexico

The van of the missing Americans is where they were last seen. The video shows four people being loaded into the back of a truck. It is not known where they are now. (from Twitter)

Latavia “Ty” Washington McGee, 33, traveled to Mexico with Shade Woodard, Zindell Brown and Eric Williams, a close friend of Washington McGee told CNN.

Washington McGee was on his way to Matamoros, Mexico for scheduled cosmetic surgery on Friday, a friend said.

The group booked a hotel in Brownsville, Texas, and planned to travel to Matamoros for surgery, according to a friend.

He was last heard from on Friday morning when Washington sent McGee a video message saying he had gone to Mexico.

But Washington McGee’s family and friends were worried after hearing nothing from the group on Saturday.

“His other cousin, who went with him to Matamoros earlier for the first procedure, asked if anyone had heard from him,” a friend of Washington McGee told CNN.

He told CNN that when he spoke with Washington McGee’s cousin, the cousin told him that the doctor’s office had asked about Washington McGee, and that he had never been to the surgery.

“We called all their phones and it would just be voicemail. I also called his mom and she said she couldn’t get through to them. That’s when I knew something was wrong,” the friend said.

The group, which a friend of Washington McGee said were all from the Myrtle Beach area or nearby, traveled from South Carolina to Brownsville and then Matamoros.

Washington is the mother of six children, ages 5 to 18, her friend added.

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