‘The Last of Us’ star Bella Ramsey on filming Episode 8: ‘My voice changes’

‘The Last of Us’ star Bella Ramsey on filming Episode 8: ‘My voice changes’

We are the last Ellie actor Bella Ramsey has revealed details about filming episode 8 of the series.

Ramsey, 19, said the weather was so cold when they filmed Episode 8 that it affected their voices.

episode called When we need aired Sunday night on HBO. Ramsey was often seen away from his co-star Pedro Pascal in most of the scenes on the show.

Ramsey said GQ The coldest day of the entire shoot was filmed when Ellie first met David, played by Scott Shepherd, and James, played by Troy Baker (who portrayed Joel in the original video game).

“My voice changes a little in this scene,” they said.

“When you hear this – I’ve just heard the ADR, I haven’t seen the episode yet – it’s really hard to talk normally when it’s cold, it’s like your mouth doesn’t work,” they added.

Furthermore, Ramsey, We are the last Episode 6 director Yasmila Zbanic also talked about the cold conditions during filming.

Jabanich said Diversity at times it was minus 15 degrees Celsius or about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, which made the production “very difficult” on set.

According to Ramsey, when they shot the first scene with Shepherd and Baker in episode 8, it was minus 17 degrees Celsius – about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Appropriately, it’s eight minutes in the freezing cold of extreme gun violence, which … everything you see is very real,” they said. GQ.

“I’m glad about that because you know something is legit. Yeah, it was cold, man. We were huddled around the heaters,” they added.

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