Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix share a split-second home

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix share a split-second home

Former couple Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix still share their Los Angeles home despite their public split.

This was said by the 39-year-old representative PEOPLE the duo are “still living together” in their San Fernando Valley home after splitting from Madix.

“They own the house together, and it will take time to decide what happens next with the property,” the rep added. “It’s not something that can be solved over the weekend.”

The former couple, who went public with their relationship in 2014, invested $2.075 million in a newly furnished 4,334-square-foot home in the Valley Village neighborhood in 2019.

Meanwhile, Sandoval and Maddix suddenly broke up after nine years together.

According to the agency, the 37-year-old girl recently found out about Sandoval and cheated on him with singer Raquel Levis, leading to a divorce.

“They’ve been having issues for a while, but this was the last straw for Ariana,” the insider added.

“He’s put up with a lot over the years, but he’s not going to be respected and sit down like this.

An insider close to the production said “cameras are rolling right now,” so Maddix and Sandoval’s split will air on June 10.

James Kennedy, married Lewis, shared TMZ Screenshot from Friday’s article: “I hope you guys are as sick as I am. That explains it all.”

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