Chitrangda Singh makes a beautiful message for International Women’s Day

Chitrangda Singh’s next film Gaslight also stars Vikrant Massey and Sara Ali Khan.

Chitrangda Singh has a powerful message for all women around the world on the special occasion of International Women’s Day.

While talking today Singh encouraged women to try not to be nobody, and accept yourself as such, even if you are weak.

The Desi Boys actress: “We all struggle every day. I struggle every day to maintain this balance. All I want to say is stay true to who you are. Don’t try to be somebody, don’t even try to be me. Don’t try to be nobody. Don’t try to be a strong woman. If you are weak, you are weak. In other words, it’s about yourself.”

He continued: “I’m a very emotional person. I’m not good (points finger), I’m not like that. You just have to accept everything about yourself and then choose what you want from yourself or who you are. That’s all I want to say. Don’t go through quotes and instagram this and that. You hear these brave stories.”

“Be true to who you are – man, woman, child, it doesn’t matter. That’s one thing I tell anybody. And you’ll find strength because if you’re true to who you are, you’ve got to be strong enough. That’s the only thing. Don’t idealize people too much. Just find yourself, This is what I want to say to women.

In conclusion, the actress asked all women to enjoy and have fun.

On the work front, Chitrangda Singh will be seen next Gas light With Vikrant Massey and Sara Ali Khan.

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