Cole Sprouse has been called out by fans for “insulting” ex-girlfriend Lili Reinhart in a recent podcast interview.

Cole Sprouse has been called out by fans for making “offensive” comments about ex Lili Reinhart on Women’s Day.

In an interview with Alex Cooper Call his father On a March 8 podcast, Cole Sprouse stated that he and Lily “both hurt each other a lot.”

according to daily mail, Cole told the audience, “The clichés about dating someone you work with are so true.”

She shared, “It was really hard. We both hurt each other a lot. The work was difficult because it was difficult to stop our feelings for each other and it did not afford us the luxury of distance. get over it.”

The Five feet apart the actor said: “Now we’re good friends and working together. I’m glad I got to spend time with him, but all the clichés about getting to know someone you work with are so true.”

Cole first opened up about the pair’s “mutual” split, but quickly changed his tune, saying “it was me, I’m gone, it’s time.”

He added: “It took longer because we worked together. There was a lot of pressure and if I loved myself more I would have left sooner.”

People took to Twitter to blast the 30-year-old for smoking indoors and making “offensive” comments about his past life.

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