“Don’t take it down!”

Katy Perry’s mother accused her of shaming a contestant with three children: “You can’t shoot her!”

Katy Perry has been accused of shaming a young mother of three on American Idol.

The alleged scandal happened when contestant Sarah Beth Liebe took the stage.

The 25-year-old surprised Perry with her age, admitting: “Bless you, you guys are my favorite. I have three children.’

“I think I’m going to pass out if Katie gets on the table.”

At this point, Perry called and replied, “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

“If it’s not your dream, you may have to leave, because you have a lot of dreams behind you,” he said.

Liebe then chose the second song, “You Know I’m No Good, But Perry Said, ‘It’s Not Enough,'” and asked her to go with her first choice, Benny and the Jets.

After the third wave of the young mother of three, he called her an “accidental American idol.”

As the other judges showered her with ‘I love you’ compliments, Perry said, “If it’s not your dream, it won’t go far.”

“I also respect all those who walk through that door who risk their lives for that golden ticket.”

“You’re dreaming now, get your golden ticket. Hurry before the dream ends.”

After the episode aired, social media went into a frenzy and many fans began accusing her of mother-shaming.

The first said: “Thank you Katy Perry for embarrassing Sarah Beth my mom.”

And another one: “At the age of 25, to have 3 children, I was lying on the table too much.” In raising a child, a young mother who chases her dreams should be raised, not lowered. #AmericanIdol”.

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