Genius’ viral cake-refrigeration game has over 7 million views

Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, a milestone at work or no reason at all – cake has to be one of our favorite indulgences. From cream cakes to cheesecakes, dry cakes to tea cakes, there are many different varieties and flavors available. But a common struggle we all face is how to refrigerate cakes after consumption. We often wonder how to keep these creamy delights intact and moist. Most of us use bowls or trays to do this. But now a viral hack shows how to keep cake in the fridge with a simple trick.
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Watch the video here:

The video was shared on Twitter by @AramVartian, where it has garnered over 7.6 million views and 140,000 likes. “I was irrationally angry, it didn’t occur to me,” the user tweeted.
In the clip, we saw a tray of blueberry cake. The half-eaten cake was attached to a cardboard tray, usually like birthday cakes. The man in the video took a Tupperware box and removed the lid. He then moved the cake from the tray to the lid of the box. Once that was done, he put the glass case on top of the lid and put it back. Instead of rolling it up, he just closed it, sealed it around, turned the box upside down, and put it in the fridge!
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What a genius and handy trick, right? Twitter users were also taken aback by the viral cake-refrigeration game. One user wrote: “Social media makes me feel stupid every week,” while another wrote: “Stupid knowing every day I’m not as smart as I thought!”
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This is not the only hack that has gone viral. Earlier, another Twitter user shared a hack for reheating leftover pizza. The simple trick went viral, garnering millions of views. Click here to read more about this story.

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