Harry can’t explain why the interview is “so devastating” when he talks about his family

Prince Harry’s recent interview and therapy session with Dr. Gabor Mat failed to reveal why the Duke is so “destructive” when he openly attacks his own family.

During a live 90-minute question-and-answer session with the Duke of Sussex’s trauma therapist, he was diagnosed with ADD, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

talk to Expressroyal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said the father-of-two was careful about what he said during the interview, despite his previous attacks on the royal family.

“It showed that Harry was being cautious, there was a lot of talk about the royal family not hugging, Harry was different and there were mentions of his ‘broken house’ but there were no personal attacks on the royals, which was a relief. – said the expert.

However, Richard revealed that one thing that was left unexplained during the interview was why Harry was “so devastating” when he spoke about his family in public forums.

“Harry says he doesn’t see himself as a victim. He obviously relies heavily on therapy,” a royal commentator said.

“What is not explained is why he is destructive when it comes to discussing the family in public, but claims that his memory is an ‘act of service’. Who is surprised? The latest polls in the US have shown a seismic decline. Support for Sussex,” he added.

“It struck a chord with me as a master’s student session. She’s obviously in awe of Dr. Mate, but I was really worried when I found out she was relying on The Crown for her insight into the Royal Family,” she shared.

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