Increase in Women Choosing Online STEM Courses, Survey of States

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Last updated time: 08 Mar 2023 08:30 IST

A majority of all female e-learners, 41 percent, were from Tier III cities in India (Representative Image)

The report found that among many reasons, 49 percent of students chose to study online because of the opportunity to get a job or internship.

According to an internal report, enrollment of women in online training programs increased 7.2 times. According to the report, 40 percent of all e-learners enrolled in online courses for skills and professional development last year were women. In addition, the number of women opting for e-learning courses has increased significantly over the past six years, a 7.2-fold increase.

A majority of all female e-learners, i.e. 41 percent, were from Tier III cities in India. Among many reasons, the report found, 49 percent of students said the main reason they chose to study online was to get a job or an internship. And 32 percent of women said they took online courses to learn new skills. Other reasons women participate in online learning programs include obtaining a certificate (8 percent), creating a project (6 percent), and completing college requirements (4 percent).

In addition, according to the report, last year, women showed greater interest in STEM and management courses. Online courses such as web development, digital marketing and Python were among the top courses chosen by women in 2022 with 29%, 19% and 16% respectively. Women have also continued to actively learn skills that are in demand today, such as Advanced Excel, Financial Modeling and Valuation, Data Science and Machine Learning.

Sarvesh Agrawal, Founder and CEO, Internshala, said, “Education has been proven time and again to be the key to women’s empowerment, and I am convinced of it. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight with this report how women are choosing e-learning for their qualification and career requirements. The trends in this report show how women are increasingly relying on e-learning to supplement their education and strengthen their careers.”

She further added, “One trend that stood out to me was that 41 percent of women in Tier 3 cities rely on e-learning to advance and develop their careers. At Internshala Trainings, we are very happy to know that women in these cities are getting an accessible and fruitful education through online courses.”

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