Prince Harry has blasted the late Queen as ‘disrespectful’ for naming her daughter Lilibeth.

Royal author Tom Quinn was surprised Prince Harry didn’t think naming his daughter after the late Queen would “cause trouble”.

Quinn recounted his dilemma in his new book. The Gilded Age: The Story of Growing Up in the Royal Family: From the Tudors to Cambridge through Express Daily UK.

“[Harry] The monarch would have known that appropriating a favorite childhood nickname would be perceived by many as too disrespectful and intrusive to name a daughter Elizabeth.

At the time of Lilibeth’s birth, some commentators at the time accused the Sussexes of resorting to “frustrating” behavior to boost their “royal currency”.

Quinn cited Royal biographer Jill Brandreth, who said the gesture “snuffered” at Elizabeth II, but also admitted the late monarch may have resented the late monarch’s grandchild’s “claiming” to the title. part of his personal life for decades.

However, he added: “Perhaps the royals surrounding the monarch and some starchy older royals were irritated by what they saw as speculation.”

He shared: “Meghan never thought naming her daughter Lilibeth would be anything but a huge compliment; In the UK, it’s considered rude and it’s symbolic of Meghan’s many challenges.”

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