Prince Harry wants the world to know about King Charles and Prince William’s ‘wife abuse’

Prince Harry wants the world to think Prince William and King Charles are “verbal abusers”, experts have called out.

The claims were published in an article by royal commentator and author Maureen Callahan DailyMail..

He began: “Mathe didn’t get into the cruel parts of Harry’s book: making fun of a disabled schoolteacher. Bragging about his “kills” in Afghanistan. Few people in history have known the lack of gratitude for a life of privilege.”

Instead, Mate offered this advice: “None of us are victims if we choose not to be.” Excuse me? Does Mate know who he’s talking to?’

“Harry fought that laugh off with thoughts of therapy. “I would always encourage people not to wait until they’re in the fetal position in the kitchen,” he said.

“Like his wife?” After Harry had a fight with Kate over Meghan’s wedding dress, he wrote home to find his wife “crying on the floor”.

He also referred to the complaint against Meghan Markle, in which he recalled a time when he was angry with her and asked Meghan “did she grow up like this?” he asked.

“— this is how men talk to women, they consider it acceptable. It is, said Harry, “a candlestick.” Harry has given King Charles and Prince William another candlelight vigil – which means the men in his family are now verbally abusive to their wives.

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