Prince Harry’s anger ‘barely masked by politeness’: What did he expect?

Prince Harry is currently being teased for being angry after making his “wounded inner child and family angst the #1 theme” in his memoir.

The claims were published in an article by royal commentator and author Maureen Callahan Daily mail.

The conversation arose over Prince Harry’s ability to “barely” contain his anger at being diagnosed with a mental disorder.

At that time, he even replied: “I can see a long list of what you have diagnosed me with. Free session. Great.”

Ms. Callahan found it “pretty silly.” Just perfect delivery.”

He also said: ‘Harry was mad – rightly so. Based on his book, it was a complete violation of psychiatric ethics to diagnose a stranger, a public figure. Harry’s politely disguised anger – as if he had the advantage of royal training – was satisfying.”

“What did this Harry expect?” This is a natural by-product of replacing your inner thoughts and feelings, creating a wounded inner child and family anger. Topic #1 grabs money online for every available platform – streaming, publishing, public speaking, TV interviews, and yes, more sales. books”.

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