Sarah Ferguson has revealed her dream career isn’t to be a writer

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has opened up about the career she always wanted as a child.

The 63-year-old royal said she always wanted to be a female detective thanks to her crush on the persistent George in the Enid Blyton film. The famous five.

Write The Independent Ahead of International Women’s Day, she described how detective work was an opportunity for maids who knew the conditions in the wealthy homes where they worked.

“This was an opportunity for an exciting, adventurous and varied career that offered financial security and independence. A career with purpose, open to women of all ages and backgrounds.”

The duchess, who has written a number of books, said her latest character was inspired by detective stories from the past.

The duchess, known as Fergie, is out with her second novel. The most interesting lady, On March 7, 2023. This book is a historical fiction romance about Lady Mary, a real Victorian woman by day and lover by night.

“It’s me, Lady Mary. It’s me. This is a part of me,” he said in an interview ABC News. “I think in this life it’s not just the royal institution and the monarchy, it’s any bureaucracy that allows red to match.”

Despite the upheaval, the Duchess said she still believed in the “absolute single institution of the monarchy”.

“I fully support the King and Queen Consort … I’ve known them all my life,” he said, referring to King Charles III and his wife, Camilla the Queen Consort.

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