The exhibition “The Queen and her Corgis” opened in London

The exhibition “The Queen and her Corgis” opened in London

London: A new exhibition of photographs showing the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her beloved corgis opened in London on Wednesday, celebrating her relationship with dogs.

Entitled The Queen and Her Corgis, the exhibition captures the life of the late sovereign and shows her special bond with Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

“We have a very small but very wonderful exhibition where there are nine photographs of the Queen and her corgis and they show every 10 years of her life,” exhibition curator Xavier Bray told AFP.

The pictures depict her as a young woman on official duty to the monarch, he said.

“You see him relaxing with his corgis at Balmoral and even walking in Windsor,” he added, referring to the royal homes in Scotland and west London respectively.

Selected from more than 5,000 images, the photographs range from informal photos to formal portraits – each depicting a moment in the Queen’s 96-year life and her connection to the breed.

The earliest image in the collection is from July 1936 of a young Princess Elizabeth playing with her corgis, Jane and Dookey, in the garden of her London home.

Another photo shows him posing with Susan, a corgi that would later become the offspring of many of the dogs during his reign.

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