Victoria Beckham tries to protect the marriage of Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz during their wedding

Victoria Beckham tries to protect the marriage of Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz during their wedding

Victoria Beckham fears her son Brooklyn Beckham’s marriage to Nicola Peltz will be affected by a controversial lawsuit against Nelson Peltz’s wedding planners.

The insider said Closer magazine that the fashion designer doesn’t want to see her son go through the “pain” of a divorce or separation, as new updates on the lawsuit continue to make things worse.

“Vick talks to Brooklyn almost every day. Nicola and her family are understandably devastated, hurt and embarrassed by how this has all blown up in public,” the source said.

Nelson sued wedding planners Nicole Bragin and Arianna Grijalba for missing out on their “world famous actress” daughter, but her lawsuit backfired after the planners filed an explosive counterclaim.

The planners revealed screenshots of a conversation with Nicola and Brooklyn, in which the flowers were “not white enough” and the bride spent £85,000 on hair and make-up, and asked the planners not to tell Nelson about it because he asked her not to. “kill him and be very angry.”

New details of the case reveal the billionaire threatened planners by texting one of them: “Are you crying?” shows that he asked. in hot litigation.

“Nicola’s parents have had a lot of complaints that have caused tension, which they have tried to hide from each other,” the source shared.

“Posh is now worried not only about the case itself, but how the whole scandal might affect Brooklyn’s relationship with Nicola. The last thing he wanted for her was to go through the pain of a breakup or even a divorce.

“He knows they’re a strong couple, so he hopes they can weather the storm. His head is spinning right now, he’s always looking for Brooklyn and trying to protect her, he’s spent sleepless nights worrying so much.

The insider added: “Nicola and Brooklyn are still supposed to be in the honeymoon phase of their marriage, so it’s sad for Victoria to think about the disagreements and anger between them, and she’s worried it could ruin their happiness.”

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