Will Smith has only “saved his reputation” but has yet to apologize to “personal” Chris Rock

Will Smith has only “saved his reputation” but has yet to apologize to “personal” Chris Rock

Chris Rock did not receive a personal apology from Will Smith after the infamous 2022 Oscars.

“After the Oscars last year, I called Chris, but Chris didn’t pick up the phone. Since then, they have not spoken,” said a source who knows both men Sixth page only.

“Chris was willing to call Will until he apologized, and then all of them Talk at the red table discussions,” the insider continued, referring to Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch show, where she shared her hope that her one-time husband and her one-time friend “make up.”

The Concussion The 54-year-old actor apologized for the incident twice on his Instagram page. In the first, she wrote a statement the day after the Oscars in March 2022, then shared an emotional video in July of that year.

“Will’s two apologies were about saving his reputation,” the source said. “Will hasn’t apologized to Chris Rock — and Chris doesn’t expect one.”

The 58-year-old comedian recently filmed a Netflix comedy special in which he took several jabs at Smith and his wife Jada over the Oscars. Now that he’s had his say, he’s ready to move on.

“It was closure for Chris,” the insider shared. “He wanted to do it in a safe space.”

Smith won Best Actor King Richard He resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in response to backlash after punching Rock on stage.

Subsequently, the Academy banned the movie star from participating in its events for 10 years.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Rock for his calmness during the emergency,” the organization said in April 2022. “We would also like to thank the presenters, nominees, presenters and winners for their patience and kindness during the telecast.”

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