Anushay Ashraf pays a heavy price for ‘cheap’ rickshaw rides

Pakistani radio and video jockey Anushay Ashraf. — Instagram/@anousheyashraf

Pakistani radio and video jockey Anoushey Ashraf When he hopped on a rickshaw trying to normalize his commute in Karachi, he felt adventurous in a city where cars took up more space than people.

The famous driverhe was offered a sympathetic ride when he was seen getting into a rickshaw yesterday, according to his tweets.

“When someone saw me doing 2 days in a rickshaw, they suggested it for fun. I thought it was an adventure, close to home, relatively safe (you can hop on) and cheap,” he tweeted.

Calling himself a “well off” person 39-year-old famous driver wrote: “But seeing a ‘well-off’ person on a rickshaw can be really worrying here! Make public transport normal for everyone.”

While Anushay was happy to share her rare ‘cheap’ ‘adventure’ on her handle, netizens couldn’t stand her ‘privileged’, ‘tone deaf’ idea of ​​taking a rickshaw. higher inflation in a country where inflation is at record levels.

The veteran RJ was schooled in a tweet calling it “blind privilege.”

“It’s part of our daily routine,” wrote one user, tweeting Anoushey.

“Elite class k bhi apny hi shahky hain [elite class has its own swag]- mocked another.

One said that rickshaw rides are nowhere near as cheap as VJ claimed. “Rick is precious too,” the tweet read.

One said “rick may be leading us into class consciousness”.

A user named Agha Fahad took a jibe at Anoushey and said, “Wow, you have a rickshaw. Is this normal?”

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