Archie and Lilibeth are banned from using their new titles, which are considered “ironic” like Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s announcement that their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibeth, will use their HRH titles has been deemed “ironic” as the couple are banned from using their personal names.

Speak GB newsroyal expert Richard Fitzwilliams says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attract more press with this latest update, despite previous statements that they want privacy.

After it was revealed that the title ‘Princess’ was used for Lilibeth’s christening in California, an expert said: ‘Their royalty, the use of HRH titles. [will equal] attracts more press attention.”

“It’s certainly an aspect that the Sussexes are looking at – especially as they have a very poor relationship with the press,” he added.

“But yes, it’s a very interesting situation because Harry and Meghan also have HRH, but they’re not allowed to use it by agreement with the Queen. “

He added: “It’s interesting that when Anderson Cooper interviewed Harry to promote his memoir Spare, he asked him why you don’t give up your titles.”

“And Harry paused, ‘what does that prove and why us?’ he said. “Very clearly, they care more about names than we think.”

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