Heat wave in Goa sees schools cutting classes at noon

Last updated time: 09 March 2023, 16:50 IST

From March 11, the maximum temperature may gradually decrease by 2-3 degrees Celsius (Representative Image)

In a circular issued by Director of State Education Shailesh Sinai Zingade, according to InMD, the heat wave will continue for another day, hence classes will be cut off at 12 noon on Friday.

Due to heatwave in Goa, schools conducted classes till 12 noon on Thursday, an official said.

According to a circular issued by the Director of State Education, Shailesh Sinai Zingade, the Indian Meteorological Department said the heatwave would continue for another day, and classes would be dismissed at 12 noon on Friday.

“Maximum temperature in Goa is likely to remain 4-6 degrees Celsius above normal due to strengthening easterly winds, clear sky conditions and delay in sea breeze setting. Persistence of these conditions is likely to meet the criteria for a heat wave on March 8 and 9 in the region,” the IMD Goa Observatory said.

“From March 11, the maximum temperature is likely to decrease gradually by 2-3 degrees Celsius,” the IMD added.

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