India is taking measures to ensure adequate supply of electricity during the summer season

BENGALURU: The ministry of power on Thursday, he said he had taken several steps to ensure adequate provision power availability in order to mitigate the risk of power outages due to increased demand in the country in the upcoming summer months.
India is at high risk of blackouts at night this summer and in the coming years, as delays in adding new coal and hydro power could limit the country’s ability to meet growing electricity demand in the absence of solar power.
All imported coal-fired plants should be operating at full capacity from March, the statement said, ordering power grids to perform advance maintenance on coal-fired power plants to avoid outages during the peak summer months of April-May. 16.
Also, energy companies were asked to reduce the load in the summer months, the report said.
Coal-based power plants are provided with sufficient coal reserves and the Railway Board has assured that there are enough rakes to transport the goods, the power ministry said.
Gas-based power will be used to meet any peak demand, and all water stations have been instructed to optimize water use to improve availability next month, the energy ministry said.
Construction of 26 coal-fired plants with a capacity of 16.8 gigawatts has been delayed by more than a year, according to the Central Electricity Authority, with some plants more than 10 years behind schedule.
An additional 2,920 megawatts of power will be made available through new coal-fired plants, which will be commissioned by the end of March, the energy ministry said.
Peak electricity demand is expected to reach 229 GW in April, the energy ministry said.

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