Jada Pinkett Smith’s ex August Alsina didn’t watch Chris Rock’s show, despite reports.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s ex, August Alsina, did not watch Chris Rock’s show, despite rumors.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s ex August Alsina has shot down rumors that she’s watching Chris Rock’s Netflix comedy. Chris Rock: Selective Anger amid reports that he finds it “hilarious”.

The source said The New York Post The singer said that he was pleased to see that the comedian was not only watching the show, but also telling the facts about the Oscars.

Now a representative of August has denied the rumours entertainment tonight “That’s a lie.”

“Mr. Alsina did not see Chris Rock’s special performance at all because he was busy on tour,” the rep added.

For those who don’t know Talk at the red table the host of the show admitted that he had an affair with her Countless The singer married Will Smith in 2020.

At his special stand Everyone hates Chris He made reference to Jada’s relationship with August while criticizing Will over the topic of the Oscars a year after the scandal.

Chris suggested during the show that not only did Will beat him for his bald joke, but that he did it to express his wife’s pent-up anger over her relationship with Augustus.

“Everybody in the world called him (expletive),” Chris said of the actor. “Everything. Everything. And who did he hit? I. A na knows he can win. These are some (explanation).

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