James Gunn Hits Out on ‘Racist’ Casting for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’

James Gunn Hits Out on ‘Racist’ Casting for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’

James Gunn recently responded to a racist comment about his casting Guardians of the Galaxythe newest villain.

The DC boss recently took to Instagram to post a photo of Chukwudi Iwuji joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the High Evolutionary in the third and final Guardian installment.

“Can’t wait to meet you all with this guy. @chukwudi_iwuji #GotGVol3 #highevolution,” Gunn captioned it.

Following her post, several followers took to the comment section to comment on Iwuju’s casting due to her skin color.

“Bless you…they turned another white guy into a black guy,” said one user.

“Why couldn’t they just keep him white or I don’t know… pick another minority?” How about Asian or Breathe! Latino?’

“Next time the main character (protagonist/villain) is trans or homosexual or non-binary (when they’re not in the comics). Sad and pathetic. They choose based on race and PC, not action and what’s installed,” the user added.

To which Gunn replied, “I chose the best actor, period and best person for the part. I am not going to say what nationality Chukwudi Iwuji belongs to, so stop your racist speculations on WHY he was chosen”.

“By the way, he almost always plays a purple guy,” concluded the director.

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