Permanent faculty may supervise PhD fellows on probation: UGC

UGC has received several queries from stakeholders regarding eligibility criteria conditions for guiding PhD fellows (Representative Image)

The commission further asked all the universities to follow the promotion rule of CAS and implement its decision.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has clarified the eligibility criteria for promotion under the Career Promotion Scheme (CAS). The clarification comes after the UGC received several queries from stakeholders regarding the terms of the eligibility criteria for guiding PhD fellows.

“Eligible tenured faculty members are Ph.D. Scholars are also on probation,” the commission said. The UGC discussed the matter in its 565th meeting on January 20. The commission further asked all the universities to follow CAS’s promotion rule and implement its decision.

In early January, the UGC issued a clarification regarding the requirements for promotion of university teachers from 12 academic level to 13A academic level and from 13A to 14 academic level. The Commission provided comments regarding the term “At least evidence of guidance.” one PhD candidate’ and ‘evidence of a successfully supervised doctoral student’. At the meeting held in November last year, the commission also resolved questions related to the right to promotion of university teachers.

What is CAS?

Career Development Scheme as the name suggests, refers to the career development procedure adopted by universities as per UGC regulations. This scheme is used to advance the career of teachers in the university. This is an important factor in the structure in which an individual teacher can move to a higher position and/or pay in the absence of an actual vacancy.

To apply for CAS, a candidate must have a PhD in relevant/military/relevant discipline. Must have completed at least ten research publications in UGC-listed journals, of which three research papers must have been published during the evaluation period. They should also have evidence of successfully supervising doctoral students.

Also, earlier this week, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched a self-assessment test and entrance exam help platform called SATHEE. This self-paced assessment platform has been developed by University Grants Commission (UGC), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur and Ministry of Education (MOE).

SATHEE platform helps students to prepare for National Eligibility Test (NEET), Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) etc. conducted in the country. designed to prepare for all types of competitive exams.

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