Pink wants to teach kids the importance of “making a difference in the world.”

Pink wants to teach kids the importance of “making a difference in the world.”

Singer-songwriter Pink sat down for a chat and said she wants to teach kids the importance of “giving back.”

The singer weighed everything in the interview Tonight’s entertainment Denny Direct.

The talk was held to celebrate the 19th annual Desert Smash Charity Celebrity Tennis Event.

For those who don’t know, this non-profit organization is called the Play for Change Foundation.

Pink’s love for tennis is so deep that she admits, “I love doing this kind of thing [I] enjoy it and make it about making a difference in the world.”

“So I write songs, I sing, I perform and I tour with a band. It’s great to play for a change, it’s about music. This leads to children without music, instruments [and] music theory is for me, “I can’t, let’s go back to singing.” But it’s a wonderful thing.”

“And I can play. Robin Thicke? I’m kicking his a** today,” he added.

The desire to make a difference and leave a legacy is something Pink intends to pass on to her daughter, Willow, and son, Jameson.

For example, a duo gets a new toy every year, and they have to donate at least eight of their toys to make room for the new toy.

This led to his daughter becoming an “extra philanthropist” and donating the money she raised at the height of Covid to a local hospital.

As Pink recalls, “He ran into his room and [I] I think he got $300 from the tour. He said, “I want to donate this to a local hospital.” Then Jameson said, “I want to give Willow all my money!”

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