The director of ‘The Queen’ is speaking out about a big problem in the Oscars ‘industry’.

A woman is a king Director Gina Prince-Bythewood has written a protest against her film’s Oscar nomination.

Interviewed by Gina Prince-Bythewood on Wednesday, March 8 People Icon expressed disappointment that the film did not receive any Oscar nominations, despite the nods at Mann’s pre-Oscar dinner at the Waldorf Astoria and other awards shows.

Gina told the outlet, “I will never get over this because what happened was gross and … it speaks to a huge problem in our industry.”

Referring to the film’s co-stars Viola Davis and Sheila Atim, he added: “But [it also speaks to] Who am I, the people around me, these actors.”

He continued, “We’re never going to take our foot off the gas. We’re ready to do something next. We’re ready to do something big, we’re ready to do something together. So we always keep that energy going. whatever happens.”

Gina noted the success of her film: “The Queen of Women not only exists in the world, it is a success in the world… So our film made money and had a cultural impact, which we all expected.”

“But the Academy has made a very strong statement, and for me to remain silent is to accept that statement,” he said. The Hollywood Reporter in an earlier interview about the film.

Gina: “That’s why I agreed to speak on behalf of previously suspended, now fired black women like Alyssa Diop and Saint-Omer, Chinonye Chukwu and Till, and even those who didn’t step up. still a set.”

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