This ‘B-Tech Paani Puri Waali’ sells air fried, flourless gol Gappas in Delhi.

No matter what new versions of the dish hit the streets of India, the pani puri’s popularity is still intact. The light snack is full of flavor and has people queuing up wherever it is served. Pani puri is known by different names like gol gappa and puchka in different regions of India. But what doesn’t change is the lip-smacking taste of pani puri and people’s love for it. Although pani puri continues to outperform other street foods, it is often called an unhygienic food due to the way it is prepared on the street. But it seems the woman has vowed to change that perception. It has been serving paani puri fried in healthy and hygienic air on the streets of Delhi.

In a video shared by a food blogger on Instagram, a woman can be seen riding a bicycle with a pani puri cart attached to the back. A woman, Taapsee Upadhyay, then a BTech, sets up a cart called Paani Puri Wali and shares that she serves air-fried pani puris.

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Tapsi adds that pani puris are not made with ghee or refined flour, which makes them healthier. Further, he says that he prepares pani by roasting only jeera and coriander seeds and then grinding them.

Pani puri is not only healthy and hygienic, but according to Tapsi, the plates she uses are also eco-friendly. As for the chutney, Tapsee says it’s made with organic tamarind, jaggery and dates.

The clip has garnered more than five million views on the platform, where many users praised the woman. “Excellent! He makes no secret of the fact that he is doing everything to be his own boss and become financially independent,” the person wrote. Another said: “Well done. Good job”.

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Last month, a video of a street vendor selling idli and sambar on his bicycle went viral in Lucknow. The clip shows the bike being transformed into a small street food stall with food containers containing fluffy idlis, sambar and coconut inside.

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