Blackpink’s Jennie reveals the advice she wants

Jenny plays the mentor role of the new group

Jennie from K-pop group Blackpink shares the tips she wants as a trainee. Lisa and Jenny are participating in the appreciation and introduction videos of YG Entertainment’s new group Baby Monster.

The group members are detailed as Farita, Rora, Chiquita, Ahyeon, Asa, Haram and Ruka. A former YG executive revealed that all seven members will not debut as a group, saying, “Baby Monster will never be a seven-member group. It will definitely be less than seven.”

It has been revealed that the final members of Baby Monster will be decided by their monthly and final evaluations, which will be made public. The first monthly ratings were released recently, where the two groups were split into two vocal groups.

One of the groups was going to sing a song by Rose, a member of Blackpink Gone with a special rap section. As they prepare for the test, Jenny visits them.

When Rucka asked Jenny if she had any advice for getting nervous on stage, she replied, “Before I go on stage, I think about how I’m going to be rather than thinking about things like, ‘What if I don’t say anything?’ surprising everyone sitting there. I think it would have been nice if someone had told me about this when I was an intern. So I’m saying all this, I wish I knew when I was an intern… I hope people see that in you.

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