In a letter to President Murmu, teachers of the DU Vocational Training College alleged “massive corruption”.

Last updated time: 10 Mar 2023 11:20 IST

On January 7 last year, Dagar was placed on forced leave for a final investigation (Representative photo)

In the letter, the teachers also alleged that Ragi had blocked the investigation against Principal Dagar, who was accused of stealing large-scale library funds.

Several faculty members of Delhi University’s College of Professional Studies have written to President Draupadi Murmu alleging “massive corruption” in the college. In their letter, the teachers have demanded action against principal Inderjeet Dagar and the chairman of the college’s governing council, Prof Sangeet Ragi, alleging that both of them were “collaborating to cover up acts of financial corruption”.

While Dagar did not respond to PTI’s calls and texts, Ragi termed the allegations against him as “baseless” and said an investigation into the matter was still underway.

In the letter, the teachers also alleged that Ragi had closed the investigation against Principal Dagar, who was accused of embezzling the library fund on a large scale.

The governing body, chaired by Professor BS Tripathi, ordered an inquiry into the matter. A committee was formed with retired Justice Dhingra as its chairman, which the teachers in their report recommended taking exemplary action against the principal and other accused.

On January 7 last year, Dagar was sent on forced leave to conduct a final investigation. On March 3, the chairman of the governing body of the college, Rajan Chopra, was replaced by Prof. Sangeet Ragi after his tenure.

“Ragi spared no effort to restore and rehabilitate Dr. Inderjeet Dagar, the principal on leave. He has not given any charge sheet to Dr. Dagar so far.

“It reinstated Dr. Inderjeet Dagar on the pretext that ‘compulsory leave’ was not part of the service rules based on a ‘legal opinion’ drawn by Prof. Raghi’s self-appointed counsel,” the letter said.

“The undersigned is filing a lawsuit against Dr. Dagar and the removal of Dr. Raghi as both of them work to cover up financial corruption. Professor Raghi’s tenure ended on March 3, but he will hold a meeting on March 13 to discuss the appointment of 110 faculty members, he added.

Denying the allegations, Raghi said, “These are false statements by teachers who have nothing to do with studies and are active. The case is still under investigation. I have asked the lawyer to prepare the charge sheet.” On allegations that he and Dagar are working together, Ragi said, “He is not my relative. It was restored not by me, but by the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University, Yogesh Singh.”

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