Job seekers protest ‘clean’ firm hired to pass exams, NC delegation joins protest

Protests against the Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board’s (JKSSB) hiring of an earlier blacklisted company to conduct written examinations for recruitment to various posts continued for the second day on Thursday.

Scores of job aspirants gathered at the Press Enclave here to protest against the company, Aptech and JKSSB, and even a National Conference (NC) delegation joined the protesters protesting the government’s “non-serious attitude” towards the protests. job applicants.

The students demanded the termination of the contract, claiming that the company committed illegal activities.

A senior JKSSB official said on Wednesday that there was no basis for the protest as the issue of hiring Aptech was “sub-judicial”.

However, he said the company was hired as per the guidelines of the central and JK government as it had completed its three-year blacklisting period in May last year.

“JKSSB is forcing us to appear for exams conducted by blacklisted company Aptech. Why are they allowing the company to continue when there is “fraud” and “scandal”, Arif Hussain, a candidate, told PTI.

According to him, the job candidates will not take the exams conducted by Aptech.

“We are submitting forms and paying money. The fee for the exam conducted by SSB is Rs 100 and Aptech charges Rs 550 for the same. Why should we pay for a blacklisted company?”. Hussain said the protests would continue until Aptech was “dismissed”.

Another job seeker, Shahid Farooq, said the contract with Aptech should be terminated.

“The issue is also in the secondary court, but what is the need to conduct an examination?” We do not hesitate to participate in the exam, but we do not trust this agency. There should be research on why JKSSB supports this company. Why did they change the charter of this company?” he said.

Protesters also raised slogans against the company and JKSSB.

Meanwhile, National Conference Youth Wing President Salman Ali Sagar, Party Kashmir Provincial Vice President Ahsan Pardesi and Provincial Spokesperson Ifra Jan and other youth wing workers joined the ‘peaceful sit-in’ of job aspirants.

“The unyielding attitude of the government has prompted the aggrieved candidates to take to the streets in protest. “Nothing much is being done to allay the concerns of job seekers, and the government seems unconcerned about what our educated youth are going through,” said a NC official.

“In addition to reaching out to the affected candidates, the administration is resorting to high-handedness. Why is the future of hundreds of job seekers in the hands of the untrustworthy?” – said the functionary.

Demanding the LG administration to take necessary steps for the greater welfare of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, the party workers said they are “concerned about the future of the youth who are crossing the age limit due to failure. ” to complete the recruitment process of the administration on time.

“How many times do they have to come for the same exam?” Our young people are submitting their forms and paying money. Why should they pay a huge amount for a blacklisted company?” said another NC official.

The NC said the government’s decision to go ahead with the blacklisted company shows how “deep-rooted” corruption is in Jammu and Kashmir and how “alienated” the government is to people’s concerns, especially the unemployed and educated youth.

They demanded that the JKSSB conduct the examinations by using the services of trusted agencies.

PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti said the JKSSB’s “decision to continue working with a fraudulent blacklisted company shows how deeply rooted corruption is in JK”.

“The Sarkari babus responsible for this continue to enjoy their positions to harm the future of the youth of J&K. So much for corruption free J&K,” the former JK chief minister tweeted.

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