Lewis Capaldi ‘scary’ ahead of ‘How I Feel Now’ release

Lewis Capaldi ‘scary’ ahead of ‘How I Feel Now’ release

Lewis Capaldi has admitted he was “terrified” as he prepared to produce an intimate documentary with Netflix.

Lewis Capaldi: How I feel nowFour years in the making, it chronicles the 26-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter’s rise to fame and his personal struggles along the way.

“Honestly, I’m scared people will see this documentary, but I’m proud of it. I hope you enjoy it,” the singer said in a statement.

Sam Bridger, Head of Music Films at Pulse Films, said: “It started out as a film about the process of making a ‘difficult second album’ but has become a surprisingly unguarded portrait of the pressures of fame on young shoulders. One of the great stories of our time is mental health. To have such unfiltered access to one of the biggest stars on the planet is a testament to the courage of Lewis and his team to invite us into their world, and the incredible confidence and storytelling instincts of director Joe Perlman, producer Alice Rhodes and the production team.’

Stuart Suter, vice president of BMG Films, said: “This is not just a music film. With the support of his family, Lewis opened up in a unique way. Like his music, we’re sure he’ll connect with people around the world.”

Lewis Capaldi: How I feel now It will be released on April 5 ahead of Lewis’ second studio album, Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent.

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