Pakistan’s business delegation will participate in the Bangladesh Business Summit

Bangladesh Business Summit will be opened by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on March 11, 2023. Twitter/marco4gione

DHAKA: A business delegation of 46 people from Pakistan organized Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI)He is expected to attend the three-day ‘Bangladesh Business Summit’ to be held in Dhaka from March 11-13, 2023.

The delegation obtained the necessary visas from the Bangladesh High Commission in Islamabad and the Deputy High Commission of Bangladesh in Karachi.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will open the Bangladesh Business Summit today [Saturday]. More than 200 business leaders from 17 countries are expected to participate in it summit.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, Bangladesh is currently one of the five fastest growing economies in the world and the 35th largest by GDP.

Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Karachi SM Mehbool Alam said that Bangladesh is expected to become a country. trillion dollar economy With the 9th largest market.

The summit provides a platform for business leaders and entrepreneurs to explore and network with business opportunities in Bangladesh. The Pakistani business delegation aims to strengthen trade ties between the two countries and explore opportunities for cooperation.

Pakistan’s business delegation includes representatives from a wide range of sectors, including textiles, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and information technology. The delegation hopes to establish strong business ties with their counterparts in Bangladesh and explore trade and investment opportunities.

The Bangladesh Business Summit is expected to boost trade and investment in the region. In addition, the presence of the Pakistani business delegation is expected to further strengthen economic ties between the two countries.

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