Prince Harry knows no one will look twice at a “third-rate TV actress and officer”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have only recently been invited, and experts believe they would be nothing without the influence of the royal family.

This notion was put forward by royalist author and commentator AN Wilson.

according to Daily mailbegan the writer: “While saying she loved the late Queen, Meghan mocked court formality with a caricatured impersonation of Courtesy during a TV interview for a Netflix series that called Harry and Meghan ordinary.”

“Even the duke, Lord How-How, with his family devotion to patriotism, could not help but look a picture of discomfort when his wife bowed exaggeratedly to make the monarchy look ridiculous.”

“At the same time, in a display of the grossest hypocrisy, they used their royal status to increase their income and profile.”

“They know very well that in California, no one will look twice at a third-rate TV actress and a junior ex-army officer unless they have a dusting of royalty.”

“Harry, being Diana’s son and Elizabeth II’s grandson, was asked by his wife to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show, which he then shared to insult the traditions of Britain and the family that tried to support him.”

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