An expert explains that Harry and Meghan could take the spotlight away from King Charles’ coronation

A royal expert says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will film their attendance at King Charles’ coronation, making him king of the monetary event.

Speaking to Fox Business, Neil Sean explained why he wants to attend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s coronation in May this year.

He said, “They have to be brave, don’t they? After doing what they did. It would take a back of steel to do that, but we’ve seen them have plenty. of chutzpah.”

A royal expert: “You know, they really don’t care. I think the bottom line for them is that they want to be involved because it’s money.”

His comments come just days after Harry and Meghan confirmed they had received an invitation to King Charles’ coronation, but did not share whether they would attend the event.

Mr Sean said: “There’s no doubt that King Charles, as a father, would want his youngest son to be there, but let me tell you that Charles hasn’t had a personal conversation for months, there’s been no contact with Prince William for over a couple of months.

“It makes the Coronation relevant to the former royal family and I think the consensus here is that the British public want it to be a day of celebration, a historic day, and they don’t want it to be third-rate. soap opera”.

Earlier, British media reported that Prince William opposed his father’s decision to invite Meghan and Harry to the coronation ceremony.

Reports say the Prince of Wales fears the couple will draw attention to the incident.

King Charles, however, believes that Harry’s absence will be more difficult than his presence.

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